Netcracker at TM Forum Live! 2016

May 9–12, 2016
Nice Acropolis
Nice, France
Booth #316


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Aloke Tusnial, VP Global Sales, SDN/NFV, talks about how to bring virtualization initiatives forward by collaborating with experienced partners.
Ricky Boyle, VP Technology Solutions, discusses how to leverage next-gen partnerships and infrastructure to minimize risk as the industry transforms.
Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO at Netcracker, in a keynote during TM Forum Live! 2016.
Andrew Feinberg, CEO, Netcracker and Phil Jordan, Group CIO, Telefonica, interviewed at TMForum Live!.

Netcracker News


Award: TM Forum Digital World Awards 2016

Category: Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Business Agility Award

TM Forum recognizes that Netcracker has made an outstanding and innovative contribution to significantly improving the business agility of one of its customers — a leading logistics company that is now managing one of the world’s largest supply chains.


Technology Demos

In Booth 316, we have a room designated for set demonstrations that run on the hour throughout TM Forum Live! 2016. These demos are open to all event attendees and highlight several paths to improve overall business plans, streamline operations, automate critical processes and provide better customer experiences at every network endpoint.

The descriptions of our planned demos are below.

NOTE: The demo showcase is for service providers ONLY.


The Best of BSS: Defining How You Sell and Enable Business Growth
This demonstration walks through the entire customer journey—for both residential and enterprise customers—from the onboarding process to maintaining personalized relationships with established customers. The journey will show how sales users convert leads to sales on a single, end to end platform. At the heart of the solution lies the product catalog which allows providers to define what and how they sell to their customers. Highlights of Netcracker’s latest and greatest capabilities regarding upcoming industry trends will be validated throughout the demonstration.


Next-Gen OSS: Orchestrating Your Digital Network Ecosystem
As service providers continue to expand their network and customer bases, they require a powerful, scalable and flexible OSS solution that can accommodate evolving technologies and increasingly complex networks. This demonstration showcases how various users can solve problems and perform tasks related to service design, network management and resource inventory all from a single, unified platform. Netcracker’s OSS provides an end-to-end view of resource allocation, enables the flexibility of a technology-agnostic framework and serves as a single point of truth for the entire network infrastructure.


Virtualization: Improved Agility and Revenue Opportunities
Service providers are recognizing the promises of using virtualized technologies to open new revenue streams and deliver services faster to customers. This demonstration will show that successfully deploying vCPE for enterprise customers or implementing transport SDN and ensuring that all components cooperate in hybrid environments can allow service providers to deliver a better customer experience, regardless of how customers access the network. Netcracker’s suite of SDN/NFV solutions enables businesses to create new service bundles and rapidly provision new services through self-service portals to maximize revenue.

Speaking Sessions

Monday, May 9
“Managing the complexity of multi-domain service orchestration”
3:00 PM CET
Speakers include:
  • Ari Banerjee, Senior Director, Netcracker
  • Hideaki Kimura, Director of Engineering, General Manager, NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories
  • Ivano Guardini, NFV Project Manager and System Architect, Telecom Italia
Tuesday, May 10
“Reimaging your business in a connected world – becoming a DSP”
10:35 AM CET
Speakers include:
  • Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO, Netcracker Technology
  • Phil Jordan, Group CIO, Telefonica
  • Tony Geheran, Executive Vice President and President of Broadband Networks, TELUS
  • Scott Alcott, CIO, Comcast
  • Nik Willetts, Deputy CEO, TM Forum
Wednesday, May 11
“OSS/BSS of the Future”
9:00 AM CET
Speakers include:
  • Sanjay Mewada, Vice President of Strategy, Netcracker Technology
  • Rupinder Goel, CIO, Tata Communications Ltd
  • Mauro Angonesi, Business Enterprise Architect, Telia Norge
“Personalization = Profits: The right formula for success”
10:15 AM CET
Speakers include:
  • Paul Hughes, Director of Strategy, Netcracker Technology
  • Warren Lowe, Senior Director of Operations, Singtel Optus
  • Nina Washington, Senior Researcher, Ericsson Research
  • Greg Lathum, Director of E-Commerce, Vast Broadband
“Show me the money: The monetization of big data”
12:00 PM CET
Speakers include:
  • Ari Banerjee, Senior Director of Strategy, Netcracker Technology
  • Steve Giles, Head of RAN, Mobile Broadband Network Ltd
“Addressing the challenges of 5G end-to-end service management”
4:15 PM CET
Speakers include:
  • Cassidy Shield, Vice President of Marketing, Netcracker Technology
  • Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI
  • Stephen Bowker, Co-Founder and CEO, Cardinality
  • Fedor Yaminsky, CEO, START Innovations
  • Yuval Stein, AVP of Product Management, Teoco


TM Forum’s Catalyst program brings together group members for proofs of concept that connect service providers with technology suppliers and other organizations to tackle today’s communications challenges. The Catalysts operate throughout the duration of the event.

The Catalysts we are participating in are listed below.


As customers shop through more channels, having a single, unified store where end users can make purchases will be critical to ensure loyalty and an optimize experience. These environments will be critical for DSPs, especially as partner ecosystems expand. Be sure to stop by this catalyst to find out the plug-and-play power of a digital omnishop.
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E2E Service Orchestration for Smarter Health
Healthcare will be a major segment where digital services will reign. Without the ability to properly manage the services that remotely help patients, however, the effectiveness of those offerings will diminish. Discover how orchestration will be paramount in the market for digital health services.
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May 9–12, 2016


Nice Acropolis