March 12, 2020

Cutting-Edge BSS is Essential to Digital Service Innovation

CSPs are entering a new age as digital platforms for consumer and B2B services become more commonplace.

Traditionally slow to innovate, CSPs once saw themselves cut from revenue opportunities like the app store value chain by faster OTT developers. Now, the attitude among more visionary CSPs is not to compete with, but rather to partner with OTTs and provide a dense and powerful cloud-based platform where they can innovate and generate new revenues. But, to do this effectively, CSPs must have a strong foundation.

A strong platform for digital services

The problem for many operators is that they cannot precisely identify the next killer app or high revenue trend. Will it be virtual reality gaming? 3D movies? Some kind of post-Twitter social media immersive experience? But what they do know is that they cannot force trends to happen. The sensible strategy is to construct a platform that follows the current revenues, but leaves CSPs with as much flexibility as possible to pursue emerging trends. This is the “agility” CSPs talk about, but it doesn’t say much as to what the practical agile platform looks like.

The components of a successful digital strategy

The breakout trends of the 2020s remain murky, but it is clear that there will be big revenue opportunities for CSPs in entertainment, industry, automotive and connectivity. It is also possible that smart cities, consumer electronics and a variety of other technology areas will provide similar opportunities. In order for CSPs to quickly and competently adapt to seize first-to-market advantage, they will need a cutting-edge BSS solution to support them, one that incorporates:

  • Digital customer enablement: Customer channel management, customer journey management, sales and marketing and e-commerce are all essential in providing a new kind of sales interaction and customer experience at critical customer touchpoints.
  • Digital business enablement: Much of the first wave of high-revenue services coming from the introduction of SDN/NFV and 5G RAN are B2B services. Customer partner management, product design and management and revenue management components are essential to interacting with business clients as they would a hyperscale company or cloud IT provider.
  • Digital operations enablement: It is critical that new business systems align with the OSS and network in a seamless, automated fashion, especially in complex multivendor ecosystems. NFV management and orchestration, infrastructure and hybrid resource management and SDN control are key components for network and service level harmonization.
  • Digital and cloud infrastructure: The digital service era is also the cloud era, and these infrastructures are the key to becoming a central player in any digital value chain. This is already evident in SD-WAN and a variety of IoT services and will almost certainly be central to future high-revenue service models.


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