February 23, 2016

We’re Focused Forward

Netcracker arrives at #MWC16 with a new look and a sharp focus on enabling large-scale digital transformations.

This week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we’re unveiling a new and stronger identity for Netcracker - one that represents that we are, as our new messaging states, focused forward. This new corporate identity represents our ambitions, reinforces our history of success and matches our entrepreneurial spirit and competitive drive. The new identity also echoes what we are hearing from our customers and the industry on the whole.  Our customers are competing fiercely as the world becomes digital and consumer behavior changes. As the industry consolidates and diversifies, our customers not only need technology, but strategic guidance from partners who have proven that they can handle big projects and see them through to completion.   

Netcracker is evolving to reflect the competitive challenges and technology opportunities that they face. Our customers are changing, and we’re changing right along with them.

What’s New?

Let’s start with our company’s tagline, “Focused forward.” This new slogan signifies Netcracker’s promise to help customers define the right strategy, and make the right moves in the midst of an increasingly complex and competitive environment.  Our customers have said they are looking for a partner who can help them succeed in making significant changes today, while helping them prepare for even more significant changes in the near future. Netcracker has that focus, as well as the technology, culture and expertise to help our customer execute on the most important step they will take—their next one. 

The new Netcracker “N” is significant as well. It symbolizes two main ideas. First, the slant and motion of the “N” represents the forward focus of our company. The three lines converging into one represents the people, ideas and technology that work together to move our customers forward.  The colors, too, show our company’s continued progress.  They’re an evolution of our current color palate, showing both a strong connection to our entrepreneurial history and drive, and a company that is bigger, broader and deeper than people realize.

Netcracker’s new branding is all about who we are, what we’ve become and the challenges and opportunities that our customers face each day. It’s authentic, pragmatic and optimistic, just like the people here at Netcracker. 

We’re Netcracker. We’re focused forward.


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