Digital OSS

Take your operations to the next level with cloud-native OSS and orchestration

Netcracker Digital OSS enables end-to-end service and network lifecycle management and automated operations across hybrid environments.

Driving Operations Innovation in a Digital World

Netcracker Digital OSS is built on more than 25 years’ experience of successfully delivering end-to-end service and resource management, enabling service agility and operational efficiency through automation. Netcracker OSS solutions have been implemented and used by hundreds of customers worldwide to help transition operations from physical to virtualized and cloud environments, embrace greater levels of service innovation and stay competitive in fast-changing markets.

Netcracker Digital OSS utilizes a microservices-based, cloud-native architecture to enable solution flexibility, elasticity and resilience. It provides end-to-end, zero-touch orchestration for traditional and digital services including SDN/NFV, cloud, IoT and 5G and automates operations across complex hybrid environments. Service providers benefit from faster service creation and delivery, improved operational agility and lower TCO.

Digital OSS Components

Rapid design, zero-touch delivery and assurance of consumer and complex enterprise services, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.

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Netcracker SDN/NFV Management & Orchestration simplifies and accelerates the use of multivendor, virtual and cloud-native functions by automating the entire lifecycle from onboarding and design through to orchestration, assurance and license management.

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End-to-end, real-time visibility of hybrid network environments with automated discovery, configuration and monitoring of multivendor physical and virtual resources.

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End-to-end visibility of traditional and cloud telco infrastructure and automation of daily operations across physical assets for greater workforce efficiency.

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Product Overview Brochure

Netcracker 2020 Product Overview
Netcracker 2020 Product Overview

Netcracker’s comprehensive product suite is designed to help service providers enable the digital lifestyle and innovate the digital enterprise. 

Learn how you can evolve your business and operations with a single platform for digital transformation.