August 12, 2020

TM Forum Catalyst Project Showcases Ground-Breaking Customer Experience

Using AR/VR and other game-style features that promote loyalty and deliver innovative partner services, CSPs can greatly enhance the overall user experience and redefine their role in the digital ecosystem.

Customer experience remains a top five spending priority for 69% of operators, according to a recent survey by ICT Intuition, with a focus on getting digital channels in place. However, spending remains focused on customer care rather than on delivering new services, creating unique offers or implementing loyalty programs.

To address this, Netcracker has joined together with service providers Orange, KDDI and Ncell as well as partners Microsoft, Radisys and Comviva to create Ready Telco One, a compelling new TM Forum Catalyst.

The Catalyst shows how CSPs can redefine their position in the ecosystem and play a much more central role in their customer’s digital lifestyle. Using key components from Netcracker Digital BSS, including customer journey management, partner management, product catalog, analytics and revenue management together with gamification and AI/ML from Microsoft, partner onboarding from Comviva, and AR/VR interactions from Radisys, the project uncovered new monetization opportunities for CSP and partners and demonstrated the significant interest and value it adds for consumers.

Ready Telco One does this in three ways:

  1. The CSP links together all the partner apps and services with their own offers into an engagement marketplace using a new loyalty program with a ground-breaking game-style experience. When they use partner services, customers can earn loyalty points that can be redeemed against CSP or partner offers.


  1. This creates increased incentive for customers to engage with the platform, which means customers will access their mobile app regularly each day to check their status, unlock new offers and redeem points from their favourite brands. In turn, the CSP gains more behavioral data, which together with AI/ML models, can analyze customer trends and optimize customer loyalty efforts.
  2. Based on this increased customer knowledge, CSPs can offer to enhance a partner service with 5G AR, for example, or sell an entirely new service such as attending a VR-based e-sports event at home that is enabled by 5G. By participating in these new 5G-based experiences, customers can earn more loyalty points, including purchasing in-service promotions. Partners can also promote new services and enhancements directly to their customer base, which in turn can bring in new customers to the CSP.

Ready Telco One is part of the TM Forum Catalyst Digital Showcase. In the presentation you will see:

  • A demonstration of the user story from the customer’s perspective – what they see and how the gamification works;
  • Discussion around the challenges that were resolved including simplifying partner onboarding and engagement, linkages to loyalty schemes, use of complex B2B2X partner settlements, redefining the customer engagement model, use of AI/ML to offer the right services and personalize the experience;
  • Example of the monetization model for both CSPs and partners showing how all stakeholders benefit from the new gamified customer journey. There are many monetization opportunities for both CSPs and partners, including direct service offers, partner data sharing, in-service offers and promotions and new customers acquired through partner promotions.


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