November 6, 2018

Netcracker Business Cloud and the Need for Managed Enterprise Platform as a Service

Giving enterprises a digital one-stop shop for all business applications, cloud services and other offerings opens new revenue potential for operators.

Enterprises are leveraging more digital services than ever before, presenting service providers with the unique opportunity to become the single point of contact for delivering and enabling business-critical solutions. By offering service providers what Analysys Mason calls the Enterprise Platform as a Service (EPaaS), operators can tap into a new market and enhance their B2B revenue streams, all while retaining enterprise customers and improving loyalty.

What is EPaaS? According to Analysys Mason’s report, Managed Enterprise Platform as a Service (EPaaS) Provides a Shortcut to New Enterprise Revenue Opportunities, EPaaS is a digital platform that gives enterprises a one-stop shop for business applications, IT services and cloud connectivity—all unified with a digital experience.

Read the report on managed EPaaS here.

The report identifies that IoT, connectivity and public cloud applications will likely make up the bulk of operator revenue in the next few years, meaning EPaaS will become increasingly critical for remaining competitive in a market that is being inundated by services and myriad provider types.

Caroline Chappell and Gorkem Yigit, the authors of the Analysys Mason report, note that Netcracker Business Cloud marks the industry’s first managed EPaaS solution, bringing together BSS, OSS, orchestration and cloud capabilities. Netcracker Business Cloud is highly flexible and can be hosted in a Netcracker’s data centers, a public cloud or across a multicloud environment, which allows it to meet diverse enterprise needs.

There a numerous benefits to managed EPaaS, including reduced time-to-market, less risk and the ability to capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

For more information, download your free copy of the report here.


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