About Netcracker

We are focused on your most important step... the next one.

Rapidly changing markets driven by shifting needs and behavior require customers to rethink the way they do business to stay relevant and competitive.  With so many choices and unknowns, where a customer focuses their attention has never been more important.  However, where to focus is just one part: The ability to take action and move forward quickly is just as important if not more so. Our customers are looking for a partner to help move them forward.  A partner that is innovative, responsive to change, and has proven the ability to execute. That partner is Netcracker.  

We have the expertise, the culture, and the resources to help customers execute on the most important step that they will take...their next one.

We offer Consulting, Professional and Managed Services and the leading end-to-end software portfolio for communication and cable service providers.

The right strategy charts the opportunities ahead, and every step along the way.

Pragmatic business change requires new processes and capabilities, and an exact focus on achievable and measurable outcomes.

Innovative operations are the tip of the spear of transformation.

New digital services only provide growth if they are delivered flawlessly and supported meticulously by your operation. 

The full potential of change follows cloud-driven business thinking.

As networks and applications evolve in the cloud, business and operations together will deliver a new era of data-driven digital services.


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Founded in 1993, we are a company rooted from inception to deliver change. As a fast innovator with a strict focus on planning and executing pragmatic change, we are constantly evolving. Our relentless drive to challenge the status quo enables us to continue growing profitably, extend globally, and form long-term valued relationships with our customers.



Our industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. Our customers need a partner that enables a new level of and a trusted advisor that can deliver short-term value while also helping them future-proof their businesses for long-term growth.



Our customers are all over the world, and we differentiate ourselves by prioritizing their success, taking a business-centered view and focusing on the execution of pragmatic solutions. This strategy accelerates new service introduction, improves operational excellence and establishes a better understanding of customer experience.

NEC and Netcracker Partnership

In 2008, after 15 years of independent growth, Netcracker was successfully acquired and became a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation. The combination brought together NEC’s 100+ years of network expertise and innovation with Netcracker’s deep understanding of IT and aggressive go-to-market strategy.

Since then, NEC has consolidated all of its telecom software and services assets under Netcracker. These assets range from innovative applications and service platforms—including customer, service and network management—to NEC’s comprehensive suite of professional services.

In February 2015, Netcracker and NEC launched a new initiative to address the opportunities associated with SDN and NFV for service providers. This joint initiative brings together the best of NEC’s network innovation and Netcracker’s IT leadership and telecom expertise to deliver comprehensive end-to-end SDN/NFV solutions.


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