November 2, 2017

Planning a Successful Digital Transformation

Automation, evolved delivery models and personalized customer management are critical to enabling successful digital transformation.

While each service provider approaches digital transformation depending on its specific needs, every program needs to be properly planned. A Netcracker-sponsored white paper outlines the four key attributes that service providers need to cover in their digital transformation programs.

Despite the different reasons for undergoing a digital transformation, there are generally four key strategies needed to ensure success, including:

  1. Enabling agile and more automated operations.
  2. Supporting myriad service delivery models.
  3. Leveraging personalized and proactive customer experience management.
  4. Creating and managing an ecosystem of commercially ready digital services.

With more agile operations, service providers can enable capabilities like automated fulfillment and enhanced revenue management, which are essential characteristics of a digital service provider. Another foundational component to successful digitalization programs is building and managing an ecosystem that gives customers access to a variety of market-ready services.

Read the full white paper to discover Netcracker's strategic approach to digital transformation.


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