January 21, 2020

The Future of BSS is Open, Configurable and Multichannel

Learn more about Netcracker’s point of view in a recent report written in partnership with TM Forum

The dynamic nature of today’s communications market has rid us of the days where we can accept the monolithic and rigid system architectures that powered legacy services. As markets continue to evolve, 5G becomes the norm and flexible service offerings grow essential to stay competitive, being held captive and restricted by their BSS is a CSP’s worst nightmare.

The future for BSS is one that avoids the pitfalls of the past, and provides cost effective flexibility that injects agility without compromising structure. This can only be achieved through open and configurable software architecture enabled by low coding, thus allowing for faster changes and upgrades as market conditions require. Going forward, service customization will prove the only way to go. Past experiences have proven that too much software customization in infrastructure services creates too many downstream problems. It leads CSP operations away from the interoperability required for the open ecosystem future of communications service delivery. A new way of creating differentiation has been long needed, but today that need has grown ever more urgent.

We invite you come listen to Ari Banerjee, Vice President of Strategy discuss the future of BSS from the Netcracker perspective in the upcoming webinar titled “Future BSS: Putting Software Customization to Rest.” In it he will speak about:

  • Why multi-channel engagement management will be key to delivering and monetizing services in ecosystem-based, platform business models
  • How Open APIs can be used to seamlessly connect partners, customers and clouds
  • What architectures are being built and tested today
  • And vendor solutions and roadmaps for Future BSS.

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