Cloud-Based Online Charging System

Monetize digital services quickly with next-generation OCS capabilities.

Commercialize digital services through an elastic, cloud-based online charging platform.


The emergence of new applications, services and devices enables customers to experience a truly digital lifestyle. This new digital reality has transformed customer expectations, as end users now demand all services to be available at any time, consumed online and charged in real time.

Digital transformation opens significant opportunities for service providers that want to evolve, expand their existing business portfolios and explore new revenue streams.

However, it is not enough for service providers to simply adjust their mindsets when becoming a digital service provider (DSP); they must also transform their business support systems, including their current online charging system (OCS).

The challenge with many existing OCS is that they are functionally outdated, cannot support cloud and virtualization deployments and lack the flexibility to keep pace with new digital business models.

Netcracker's Cloud-Based OCS is designed to help service providers accelerate digital transformation initiatives and start monetizing new opportunities brought about by the digital economy. As the industry's first always-active OCS platform, our Cloud-Based OCS addresses all of the key pain points associated with legacy, hardware-based charging systems. Specifically, it enables:

  • Always-on availability at a lower cost. The revolutionary software-based approach to our Cloud OCS reduces hardware dependency, keeps costs down and delivers unmatched availability and real-time functionality.
  • Unparalleled cloud elasticity and scalability in order to keep up with the demands of digitalization. Our Cloud-Based OCS is architected to handle the unpredictable nature of customer preferences and network traffic. It can scale on demand and operate across distributed infrastructure.
  • Converged revenue management scenarios. Unlike legacy OCS that focused on specific rating and charging schemes, our Cloud-Based OCS enables and supports converged revenue management capabilities across all business lines, including pre-paid and post-paid models for all types of services.
  • Support for VoLTE, virtualized, 5G and IoT services. Our Cloud-Based OCS, with its faster speeds and extremely low latency, creates the ideal platform for service providers to support and monetize next-gen technologies and real-time interactive multimedia offerings services such as augmented reality, virtual reality and online games.
  • Deployment flexibility across any physical and virtual environment. Our Cloud-Based OCS' architecture is designed to be deployed and operated in any environment, including physical, any type of cloud (private, public or hybrid) and virtualized infrastructure.
  • Embedded analytics. Our Cloud-Based OCS with closed-loop alignment with analytics and campaign management enables service providers to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time.


Our Cloud-Based OCS helps you:

  • Monetize digital services and reduce time-to-cash through improved configurability and adaptability.
  • Enable new revenue streams by engaging in complex partnership models with OTT and other service providers as well as device manufacturers.
  • Improve customer experience by providing personalized, real-time dynamic discounts and notifications.
  • Reduce TCO due to its cloud-based architecture, dynamic self-healing/scaling capabilities and virtualization support.

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