September 8, 2016

Research Report: AVP Simplifies Business Processes to Ease Virtualization Adoption

Current Analysis dives into Netcracker's opportunity to simplify the evolution into virtualized technologies.

Current Analysis, a global intelligence and analysis firm for IT and telecom professionals, recently reported on Netcracker’s Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP) and how this combination of technologies and services has the opportunity to accelerate and simplify critical business processes as they move from traditional to virtualized network infrastructure. The report, authored by Ron Westfall, Research Director of Service Provider Infrastructure, breaks down AVP's components and highlights its ability to make the adoption of virtualized technologies less complex.

Download a free copy of the report.

Bringing together virtualized network onboarding and service chaining, end-to-end orchestration and DevOps-enabled Agile collaboration ensures that AVP has the integrated functionality to help service providers of all sizes as they embrace virtualized technologies. The report also discusses AVP's impact in the communications industry as well as NEC's and Netcracker's importance in the market.

Click here for more information on AVP.

To read Current Analysis' report on AVP, download your free copy of the report.


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