December 7, 2017

Five Reasons to Choose a CMMI Level 5 Services Organization

Service organizations that have earned CMMI Level 5 appraisal bring the maturity and expertise needed to be effective strategic partners.

The CMMI model is an internationally recognized measurement of process management maturity. Originating from Carnegie Mellon University, the CMMI model validates a software organization's ability to link management and engineering best practices to specific business objectives while providing a framework for continuous improvement in management, product development and delivery.

Netcracker was appraised at CMMI Level 5 for the third time in November 2017. The significance of a Level 5 appraisal is that it validates an organization's ability to quantify its goals, key metrics and efforts in order to drive continual process improvement and to understand the relationships between processes and customers' outcomes.

This all sounds sophisticated and official, but earning a Level 5 appraisal simply sets organizations apart from the competition. Here are five good reasons to choose a CMMI Level 5 services organization:

1. CMMI-Appraised Teams Strive to Meet an External Standard

The CMMI process requires preparation and effort. It examines how an organization manages projects and processes both internally and for its customers. Meeting this stringent external standard provides customers with a trusted basis for determining whether an organization is an appropriate partner and is taking steps to mitigate long-term risks for its customers.

2. CMMI-Appraised Teams Excel at Delivering Business Technology

The CMMI model aims to measure and evaluate capabilities that are necessary for effective solution delivery and management. It goes beyond features and specs and digs into an organization's ability to deliver its products to a large variety of customers with a high degree of quality for a long period of time.

3. CMMI Methodologies Focus on Business Objectives

As a result of adopting the CMMI model, appraised organizations make a practice of measuring critical delivery, performance and business metrics, making them more likely to deliver on key business objectives.

4. Pursuing CMMI Appraisal Requires a Mature Organization

In a new tech market where many players are early stage providers, an organization's ability to not only produce technology, but to deliver it to many customers at a large scale with the highest degree of reliability is an important quality. Thus, an organization's ability to meet an appraisal's high standards speaks to its overall maturity.

5. CMMI Level 5 is The Highest Rating Out There

When an organization achieves and sustains a CMMI Level 5 rating for years, it's doing as well as any service provider can at things that lead to consistently successful outcomes for customers.



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