Telepak Selects Netcracker to Drive Operational Agility and Reduce OpEx With Accelerated Service Fulfillment

Telepak Networks has chosen to expand its use of Netcracker’s BSS/OSS solutions suite to support the implementation of an end-to-end Service Order Management system.

Netcracker Technology announced today that Telepak Networks has chosen to expand its use of Netcracker’s BSS/OSS solutions suite to support the implementation of an end-to-end Service Order Management system that will enable automated service fulfillment and faster order processing with a higher degree of accuracy.

Telepak Networks is a regional, full service provider of Internet, telecommunications, and network services to residential and commercial customers, as well as backhaul network to wireless carriers in the southeastern United States.

Building on the Netcracker footprint that already supports its next-generation network and service infrastructure, Telepak Networks will further leverage Netcracker’s solution suite to include Service Information Management, Service Order Management, and Service Inventory capabilities. This added functionality will provide Telepak Networks with a real-time, end-to-end view of each order as well as enhanced order processing automation. It will also eliminate redundant data entries and improve the ability to analyze and share information for more informed decision making. As a result, Telepak Networks will be able to lower OpEx and boost revenue through the faster introduction of new technologies and services, speedier, more accurate order completion, and increased customer satisfaction.

“Our company has expanded significantly in recent years, and this has created a need to upgrade our service order management operations,” said Gregg Logan, Vice President and General Manager of Telepak Networks. “Given our previous experience with Netcracker, we decided to work with them once again, knowing that they will provide a proven solution and carry out a seamless implementation that will transform our infrastructure to meet the increasingly complex demands of our growing customer base.

“For more than a decade we have supported Telepak Networks’ evolving technical and business requirements,” said Sylvain Seignour, Netcracker’s Vice President of Americas and Europe. “We are pleased that Telepak Networks has once again chosen to rely on our BSS/OSS offerings — this time to create the foundation of their new Service Order Management system. We look forward to strengthening our already successful relationship with Telepak Networks as we help them extend and optimize their infrastructure, monetize their assets, and achieve a new level of customer satisfaction.”

Media Contacts:

Erin O’Reilly
Netcracker Technology

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