NEC/Netcracker SDN/NFV Partner Ecosystem

Ecosystem 2.0 is the next evolution in partner collaboration necessary to accelerate the commercialization of multivendor virtualized services.

With our award-winning Ecosystem 2.0 Program, we build deeper partner relationships that go beyond VNF onboarding to focus on service commercialization and monetization.

Deep Partnerships Deliver New Services Faster with Ecosystem 2.0

  • Access our partner portal for self-service VNF onboarding.
  • Work with us on service creation, including the definition, design, deployment, lifecycle management, BSS/OSS integration and assurance phases leveraging our market-leading Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP).
  • Define commercial agreements, including license management and revenue-share models.
  • Become part of NEC/Netcracker's business-driven SDN/NFV solutions, including NaaS, Transport SDN and Virtual Core Services.
  • Benefit from a real-time collaboration environment to assess and improve your VNFs.


Become an NEC/Netcracker Partner

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Ecosystem 2.0 Takes the Pain out of Commercializing Multiparty SDN/NFV Services

Ecosystem 2.0 helps service providers significantly reduce the time it takes to commercialize virtualized services, continuously innovate with new services and choose the best-of-breed VNFs with minimal risk. Partner VNFs are taken through a rigorous process to create reusable service components that can be used in any combination in order to enable fast service creation. With commercial agreements and unified license management, we make sure all parties in the value chain get their share of the revenue. Service providers and partners benefit from a real-time collaboration environment to assess and improve their services and VNFs.

Partnership Tiers

We continuously expand our partner community to deliver pre-integrated VNFs, making it easier for service providers to create and run multiparty, best-in-class virtualized services.

We provide three levels of partnership, each with deeper integration, collaboration and market engagement.

Download our partner brochure for more details.