Netcracker 2020: A comprehensive, modular product suite that enables the digital lifestyle

Netcracker's comprehensive product suite is designed to bring innovation to consumers and digital enterprises.

The communications industry is currently witnessing one of the most innovative times in its history. With the rollout of 5G networks, increased power at the edge and partner-enabled ecosystems bringing new services to market, service providers must invest in BSS/OSS systems that meet the new network, IT and business demands that these services create. Service providers that can innovate quickly, enable a rich partner ecosystem and adopt new business models suitable for a digital world will be able to significantly grow revenue with more relevant services across different verticals.

Netcracker 2020 brings a new level of modernization to service provider business and operations environments. This comprehensive offering enables service providers to become innovative and disruptive, facilitating entry into new vertical markets such as 5G, IoT and B2B2X while enabling richer service delivery and increased revenue potential. It is also designed to help service providers simplify and automate operations and business processes, thus optimizing current IT investments.

Netcracker 2020 is the optimal choice for service providers looking for a cloud-native solution that enables AI-driven, digital-first, omnichannel customer engagement. It also provides efficient monetization of new lines of business, rich digital partner ecosystems and end-to-end service automation of hybrid services from edge to core.

Netcracker 2020 includes Customer Engagement, Digital BSS and Digital OSS layers, each of which contains a broad range of enabling functional areas.  Complementing the horizontal layers are Cloud Platform Management and Advanced Analytics. The entire product suite runs on the Netcracker Cloud platform, allowing service providers to reap the benefits of flexible delivery models, all of which leverage cloud scale, performance and efficiency.



Netcracker 2020 enables service providers to:

  • Own the digital lifestyle by enabling a broad ecosystem of virtualized, cloud, M2M/IoT and OTT services with a differentiated digital experience, all while onboarding and integrating new partners.
  • Innovate with high-value services, automated lead-to-cash processes, edge cloud monetization and real-time interactions.
  • Increase operational and business agility by leveraging a cloud-native architecture enabled through open business APIs.
  • Improve customer lifetime value and retention scores with AI-driven interactions and dynamic customer journey management.

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