Customer Engagement

Enable omnichannel customer journeys for a digital-first experience

Netcracker Customer Engagement helps service providers deliver a seamless, personalized customer experience across all channels.

Enable a Holistic View of Customer Experience

Netcracker Customer Engagement is designed to help CSPs enhance and enrich the digital lifestyle by providing a personalized, relevant and consistent digital customer experience across all channels. It also provides AI-driven, dynamic customer journeys with contextual adaptation that gives customer care representatives real-time, intelligent customer insights.

Netcracker’s solution helps service providers enhance the customer experience across all digital channels by adopting a mobile-first approach, leading to greater adoption of self-service tools that make bidirectional customer interactions seamless and intuitive. A single data management layer across all solution components ensures a consistent customer experience throughout the entire customer journey and service lifecycle.

Customer Engagement Components

Unifies all contact channels using a consistent and integrated data model. Customer interactions through contact center, retail shop, self-service and E-commerce portals and mobile apps are tracked and managed, ensuring a consistently positive customer experience.

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Automates and optimizes the customer interaction process, providing a superior and consistent customer experience through all available communication channels and ensuring appropriate information and targeted offers benefit customers at the right time.

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Enables rapid rollout, automated launch and transparent monitoring of marketing campaigns of any complexity. Real-time customer data drives tailored and relevant offerings and interactions.

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Product Overview Brochure

Netcracker Digital BSS/OSS Product Overview
Netcracker Digital BSS/OSS Product Overview

Netcracker’s comprehensive product suite is designed to help service providers enable the digital lifestyle and innovate the digital enterprise. 

Learn how you can evolve your business and operations with a single platform for digital transformation.

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