Customer Journey Management

Optimize journeys and personalize content to target specific customer expectations

Netcracker Customer Journey Management automates and optimizes the customer interaction process, providing a superior and consistent experience through all available communication channels.

Intelligently Manage the Entire Customer Journey

Netcracker Customer Journey Management provides an intuitive, graphical platform that defines, manages and optimizes the customer experience across all channels. Service providers can leverage contextual and outcome-based decisions to address a wide range of business use cases that span the entire customer lifecycle. Designed as an overlay application with an integrated data layer, it works seamlessly with existing business support and customer management systems, allowing for maximum functionality with minimal impact to existing system performance.

Netcracker Customer Journey Management uses embedded intelligence to determine relevance of new offers based on factors such as customer spend, customer lifetime value, eligibility for promotions or upgrades, recent transactions and existing devices. Each customer interaction becomes a valued data point that is captured and measured based on assigned customer service criteria metrics. This information is continuously updated in order to get a real-time view of customer behavior. 

Customer Journey Management Components

Accommodates customer traits and interests and provides instant access to customer information vital to understanding specific customer requests and expectations. Provides granular customer segmentation to deliver targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer interactions.

Provides a centralized configuration of channel-specific business process flows and customer-specific experiences with tailored sales offerings and marketing messaging for different customer segments and sub-segments delivered via a customer’s preferred channel.

Provides an accurate design and precise execution for each customer journey. Rich configuration capabilities and pre-defined templates facilitate the creation of optimized journeys. Customer journeys can be triggered based on customer actions and adjusted in real-time based on the current and predicted behavior.


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