Marketing Management

Improve marketing campaign effectiveness and increase conversion rates​

Netcracker Marketing Management enables rapid rollout, automated launch and transparent monitoring of marketing campaigns of any complexity. Real-time customer data drives tailored and relevant offerings and interactions. 

Increase Marketing Campaign Personalization

Netcracker Marketing Management provides a powerful answer to the challenges service providers face in delivering digital marketing campaigns that are automated, intelligent and integrated. It enables more targeted campaigns, facilitates real-time customer involvement and results in increased conversion rates and lead generation.

Netcracker Marketing Management helps service providers unify customer data and deepen audience insights as well as deliver personalized campaigns at scale that are aligned to customer preferences in terms of a specific channel, timing and content. Netcracker provides rich, functional capabilities spanning customer segmentation; campaign, offerings and message creation; cross-channel marketing journey orchestration, journey analytics; event triggering and real-time offers in inbound and outbound environments. 

Marketing Management Components

Provides easy and intuitive configuration of marketing offerings across all channels for different customer segments and sub-segments. A robust media library enriches messages with graphics and video, thus maximizing the level of personalization.

Empowers service providers to increase campaign relevance through highly targeted customer segmentation. It links the marketing management view to customer journeys, campaign offers and personalized campaign content; helps ensure seamless execution through all available interaction channels with a high degree of automation and allows end-to-end control of the campaign rollout and results.

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