Customer Management

Leverage contextual data to personalize customer engagement and increase loyalty​

Netcracker Customer Management personalizes customer interactions, delivers proactive customer care and supports advanced loyalty management programs.

Improve Customer Experience With Proactive and Personalized Customer Care

Netcracker Customer Management allows service providers to enhance B2C and B2B customer engagement across all touchpoints to enhance customer service quality, personalize interactions and increase customer lifetime value. The intelligent customer profile allows for personalized interactions and service targeting, enabling service providers to maintain a real-time view of customer interactions and create tailored engagements that best fit their consumption patterns and service needs.

Netcracker Customer Management also provides a consolidated customer data model that enables a single view. The data management engine enables intelligent, multifaceted customer profiles with real-time behavioral updates, service quote creation that uses intelligent guiding and suggestions, automated customer order orchestration, proactive case management and unified service quality reporting for customer-facing teams.

Customer Management Components

Collects information about customers’ personal, behavioral, buying and spending details. It captures, stores and manages customer account information, providing a 360-degree view of customer contacts, billing details, products, orders, interactions, payments and policies. It also provides a clear understanding of relationships within customer hierarchies.

Provides a comprehensive set of functionalities and a user-friendly interface to ensure streamlined quotation management. Netcracker supports flexible pricing based on market, customer category, distribution channel and more; profitability and loss calculation; technical information enrichment; validation and processing based on product specifications, dependencies, constraints and business rules; and full support for new sales and complex change and up-sell scenarios.

Facilitates the entry, orchestration and tracking of customer orders in a multiservice, multivendor environment. The Order Management component automates customer order decomposition, processing and orchestration. It allows validated orders to be parsed, decomposed and then mapped to underlying services and resources, initiating the fulfillment process.

Allows operators to build reliable, long-term customer relationships and improve customer care operations by automating end-to-end case lifecycle management, resulting in reduced resolution times, optimized front-office operational expenditures and improved customer experience.

Gives service providers the ability to monetize the partner ecosystem through a wide range of personalized loyalty programs. Netcracker provides an intuitive program designer, the collection of loyalty points from any source including own and partner systems, flexible cross-offering points redemption, the ability to transfer points and AI-driven, dynamic loyalty program personalization.

Provides a single interface for contract management and facilitates tracking of SLA violations. Intuitive design tools and templates simplify the creation of contracts and SLAs in different formats. It also supports correlated views between contracts and SLAs and provides unified service quality reporting capabilities for customer-facing teams and customer self-service portals.


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