Partner Management

Accelerate digital service innovation through a partner-driven ecosystem​

Netcracker Partner Management helps drive new revenue streams with a comprehensive, ecosystem-based offering that improves every step of the partnership lifecycle process, from onboarding to settlement.

Build New Revenue Streams With Automated and Centralized Processes

Netcracker Partner Management is a centralized partner lifecycle management platform that enables operators and enterprises to bring partner-related services into their broader service portfolio. With zero-touch onboarding, resellers, suppliers, distributors and wholesale partners can become part of the expanded service ecosystem. It supports flexible management of complex multilayered partner account hierarchies, empowering everyone in the ecosystem to map the most appropriate services to the right bundle and effectively and efficiently deliver them to the customer. Netcracker’s vast pre-onboarded partner ecosystem ensures partner relationships are profitable and partner accountability and settlement can be managed even in complex B2B2X relationships.

Netcracker Partner Management is built on a unified analytics-driven platform to simplify, accelerate and automate procedures associated with managing customers and partners. Its modular, standards-based architecture allows operators and enterprises to deploy separate products that can be integrated easily with existing IT infrastructure.

Partner Management Components

Provides full visibility into the multistage partner engagement process, allowing both partners and service providers to refine opportunities, activate and engage timely and relevant services, optimize services over time and evolve delivery, revenue sharing and related aspects to ensure a positive experience.

A centralized and integrated digital access point providing zero-touch onboarding, contract and SLA management, 360-degree views of service interactions, as well as interaction histories, product information and other relevant data. The portal allows easy onboarding of any partner type, including OTT, IoT and cloud providers.

A rules-based engine that enables new revenue to be monetized (OTT content, partner applications, partner services) and shared based upon set contractual or SLA obligations.

Quickly launch digital services with a large, pre-onboarded partner ecosystem to enable fast delivery, consumption, monetization, revenue sharing and settlement within the B2B2X ecosystem.


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