Product Management

Simplify the management of products and bundles to accelerate offer personalization

Netcracker Product Management provides pre-defined product definition templates, enabling rapid offering configuration and dynamic product lifecycle management.

Accelerate the Introduction of Personalized Digital Offerings

Netcracker Product Management allows service providers to automate and streamline activities for a wide range of digital services, including 5G, cloud, virtualized and IoE. Netcracker supports a federated approach, integrating third-party partner catalogs into a single product management interface that simplifies the service creation process. Netcracker Product Management also allows service providers to benefit from an end-to-end view of products across all channels, interfaces and workplaces and eliminate data and effort duplication. This is achieved by centralizing the management of products and bundles, automating end-to-end lifecycle management and streamlining product configurations with a template-based approach using out-of-the box product components.

Netcracker Product Management also helps operators analyze product consumption patterns to enable better product targeting, maximize customer uptake, enhance customer experience and ultimately increase revenue. It also ensures that product information across all channels and systems is consistent, preventing errors that are often associated with managing multiple catalog systems.

Product Management Components

Provides a unified holistic view and easy access to up-to-date product information (pricing, discounts, fees, loyalty programs, taxes), supporting sales, ordering and billing processes via industry-standard integration.

Provides end-to-end lifecycle management from marketing concept development and product configuration to product testing, test launch and subsequent mass production. It also fully supports product versioning, upgrades and retirement.

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