Sales Management

Boost sales performance and improve lead-to-customer conversions

Netcracker Sales Management provides comprehensive sales pipeline management, sales forecasting capabilities and improved operations transparency from lead capture to opportunity closure.

Increase Lead-to-Customer Conversions

Netcracker Sales Management provides a powerful answer to the challenges service providers face in delivering a digital sales process with a more automated, intelligent and integrated solution. It drives accuracy, speed and customer value; facilitates useful customer interactions; and results in positive customer experiences that increase close rates while reducing the time from first contact to close.

Netcracker Sales Management can manage leads and opportunities, accounts and contacts, reports and analytics and can automate sales engagements and complex quote generation in both self-serve and staff-operated modes. It provides highly intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and delivers a guided, analytics-driven sales process that enables sales departments to focus on and maximize the revenue potential of their customer interactions.

Sales Management Components

Helps service providers establish a 360-degree view of the sales force and automate business processes to maximize sales efficiency. It creates teams, sales territories and different markets; manages sales pipelines; forecasts sales; and automates the approval chain to increase lead-to-customer conversion rates.

Supports every step of converting leads to customers and allows service providers to make smart decisions throughout the lead-to-customer journey. It enables capturing sales leads from any channel or interaction and bringing them directly into the sales automation process without manual data entry. Qualified leads are automatically converted to opportunities in order to prepare quotes, orders and contracts.


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