Hybrid Resource Management

Automate hybrid resources with cloud-native management

Netcracker Hybrid Resource Management automates the discovery, configuration and monitoring of multivendor physical and virtual resources with end-to-end visibility across all network layers and domains.

Unify Resource Management Across Physical and Virtual Networks

Netcracker Hybrid Resource Management provides a unified, cross-domain approach for managing physical and virtual resources, a critical requirement for service providers wishing to deliver more dynamic services. Netcracker’s product suite automates inventory, discovery, network planning and design, capacity management, configuration and monitoring processes across hybrid network and IT resources to optimize network performance, reduce costs and enable on-demand services.

Based on a cloud-native architecture, Netcracker Hybrid Resource Management components are deployed as a set of reusable microservices with open APIs, enabling faster implementation of new services and in-service upgrades with zero downtime. The product suite delivers a centralized, real-time view of networks and devices, providing zero-touch provisioning of network elements and the evolution towards new network technologies such as 5G and Open vRAN.

Hybrid Resource Management Components

End-to-end, real-time visibility of all physical and virtual resources and network topology across all network layers and domains. Uses multiple discovery protocols to keep an active inventory of all resources.

Automates configuration discovery, validation and provisioning using standard resource models (e.g YANG) for both physical and virtual resources. Provides vendor-agnostic centralized configuration management and maintains configuration consistency with backup and restore options.

Extensive set of capabilities for effective network planning, design and build-out with end-to-end project and work order management.

Dynamic assurance, automated root-cause analysis and proactive monitoring of heterogeneous networks.


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