Infrastructure Management

Improve workforce effectiveness and automate operations of physical assets 

Netcracker Infrastructure Management provides end-to-end visibility of telco infrastructure to ensure clarity and efficiency of daily operations.

Centralized Management and Automation of Core Assets

Netcracker Infrastructure Management automates the daily operations of physical assets and helps improve workforce effectiveness. Service providers can optimize activities and performance across internal and external assets, including outside plant, workforce, discovery and reconciliation of physical network state and management of the administrative aspects of handling infrastructure assets.

Infrastructure Management also empowers service providers to optimize core operational processes, including automation of network deployment, service delivery and assurance. This ensures that long-term goals of reducing opex and capex are met by minimizing manual and routine tasks around network administration.

Infrastructure Management Components

Provides a centralized repository of workforce and supplier information with tools to plan, coordinate and optimize a service provider’s daily operations from order submission to service delivery.

Tracks all network-related assets and their components, provides real-time asset stock availability and estimates time for fulfillment data for order entry systems.

Enables effective management of physical assets with a unified view of the outside plant infrastructures, accelerating planning, assurance and fulfillment processes for outside plant assets.

Proactively detects and resolves discrepancies in network configuration and keeps resource data up-to-date and accurate.