SDN/NFV Management & Orchestration

Automate the entire lifecycle of multivendor, virtual resources and network services

Netcracker SDN/NFV Management and Orchestration simplifies and accelerates the use of multivendor, virtual and cloud-native functions by automating the entire lifecycle from onboarding and design to orchestration, assurance and license management.

Automate Operations and Reduce Time-to-Market for New Virtualized Services

Netcracker SDN/NFV Management and Orchestration reduces the complexity of operating multiple vendor VNF/CNFs, enabling service providers to accelerate their virtualization and cloud initiatives. Service providers and vendors can self-onboard with ease to the NFV Orchestration system, and the entire onboarding process is automated, including complex xNF integration and testing. Netcracker’s generic VNF Management system is vendor-agnostic and incorporates a vital VNF License Management tool to automate the management of complex vendor licensing.

Netcracker SDN/NFV Management and Orchestration products are fully cloud-native and are based on microservices that can be individually scaled and upgraded. The product suite fully conforms to ETSI MANO standards with open APIs. The orchestration systems are intent-based and driven by standard TOSCA models with a catalog of supported xNF/NS descriptors. Network Services and xNFs can be automatically onboarded, scaled, healed and upgraded in central or edge clouds, providing the agility and cost efficiency needed to offer dynamic digital services.

SDN/NFV Management & Orchestration Components

End-to-end orchestration of VNF/CNFs and network services.

Automated license management and seamless control over the entire license lifecycle, including support for a variety of licensing models.

VNF lifecycle management operations in closed-loop automation with an extensive list of pre-onboarded VNFs.

Vendor-agnostic onboarding of network services, VNF/CNFs and devices with a set of DevOps tools and reusable models.


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