Service Management & Orchestration

End-to-end service automation across multiple cloud and network domains

Netcracker Service Management & Orchestration automates the creation, deployment and full lifecycle management of multivendor services within and across physical, virtual, SDN and cloud networks.

Automated Service Deployment and Lifecycle Management Across Hybrid Infrastructure

Netcracker Service Management & Orchestration evolves the service layer of traditional OSS using intent-based orchestration, standard models (e.g. YANG) and closed-loop control to fully automate services across hybrid domains. With a real-time, end-to-end view of the entire service and a single interface into the BSS layer, service providers can achieve a zero-touch operational model that is essential for new multivendor digital services, including highly dynamic 5G and IoT offerings.

Netcracker Service Management & Orchestration is based on a cloud-native architecture broken down into microservices that use standard open APIs (e.g. MEF LSO API Framework). With this open approach, service providers can easily integrate across multiple vendors, technologies and cloud platforms, and new services and upgrades can be deployed significantly faster using Agile/DevOps. Using closed-loop automation and cutting-edge assurance capabilities, every aspect of the service lifecycle can be automated to significantly speed up time-to-market and ensure optimal cost efficiency.

Service Management & Orchestration Components

Provides management of configurable templates used in service operation processes with a centralized view of carrier- and partner-based services and specifications to improve service delivery and assurance.

Centralized repository that provides an end-to-end, real-time view of provisioned services across traditional, hybrid and virtual infrastructures and facilitates service changes without time-consuming configurations.

Intent-based orchestration using standard models and closed-loop control to automate the entire service lifecycle across hybrid networks through open APIs. Translates business intent into DevOps-driven service modeling and API-enabled service actions.

Automates activation of physical or virtual equipment. Reusable templates and adaptors help reduce time to market and allow faster activation of partner-based services.

Provides a real-time, detailed view and forecast of service quality for tracking and managing service quality objectives and KPIs.

Collects and filters network and service data inputs to identify root causes of infrastructure-related issues and the resulting service and customer impacts.


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