Integration & API Management

Digitalize your business with agile integration

Netcracker Integration & API Management provides standards-based tools for integration management, orchestration and visibility into BSS/OSS integrations.

Unlock the Value of Digitalization With Comprehensive Integration Capabilities

Netcracker Integration & API Management helps remove the complexity of a service provider’s existing ecosystem of disparate data types, interfaces and business requirements. Through transparent, standards-driven links between environment components, service providers can centralize management and orchestration and improve visibility into BSS/OSS integrations by using pre-defined automation tools and preconfigured adapters.

The solution guarantees compliance with key industry standards, including those from TM Forum, MEF, ETSI and 3GPP.

Integration & API Management Components

Provides abstraction of the customer engagement layer from the core BSS for agile business operations. It delivers high-level, standards-compatible and proven APIs on top of the BSS layer.

Delivers integration between Netcracker modules and other service provider systems. It provides a rich library of APIs, including REST APIs, and supports a variety of standards-based protocols and integration mechanisms.

Product Overview Brochure

Netcracker Digital BSS/OSS Product Overview
Netcracker Digital BSS/OSS Product Overview

Netcracker’s comprehensive product suite is designed to help service providers enable the digital lifestyle and innovate the digital enterprise. 

Learn how you can evolve your business and operations with a single platform for digital transformation.