Business Optimization Consulting

Maximize business processes, company readiness and workforce utilization to ensure operational efficiency

Business Optimization Consulting fine-tunes internal and external processes for a rich customer experience across all channels.

Proven Support on Every Step of Your Digital Transformation

Netcracker Business Optimization Consulting helps service providers maximize the business profit and operational efficiency of their current and future solutions. Netcracker’s program designs and enhances customer journeys, business processes, systems and operations.

Netcracker Business Optimization Consulting provides a comprehensive roadmap for improving customer satisfaction and operations productivity, increasing revenue and reducing churn by ensuring a seamless customer experience across all channels. It also provides guidance to optimize business processes and align them with the new mode of operations. Netcracker will assess organizational readiness for business change and plan specific transition activities for efficient operational performance.

Business Optimization Consulting Components

Detailed customer journey design across various communication services, channels and markets using Netcracker’s best practices, methodologies and tools to improve customer satisfaction and increase margins.

Deep-dive, end-to-end business process analysis and design based on Netcracker’s business process library and system capabilities, ensuring the business is aligned with industry standards.

A comprehensive set of tools, methodologies, documentation and workforce for evaluation and mitigation of impact on business and organization, as well as defined business readiness activities tracking to ensure a successful solution deployment.

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