Digital Transformation Consulting

Solution definition, roadmap and implementation services designed around business outcomes

Digital Transformation Consulting services are designed to help operators efficiently build a full-scale transformation strategy. The services provide solution architecture design, implementation roadmap and go-to-market strategy to further enhance business benefits from digital transformation.

Design the Most Effective Digital Transformation Program

Netcracker Digital Transformation Consulting services are designed with future business goals and outcomes in mind. As digital transformation gains momentum globally, the challenge of building an effective transformation plan and delivering the right solution in a timely and cost-effective manner requires a roadmap that identifies business needs, avoids pitfalls and creates a future-proof end state that is agile and flexible. Netcracker Digital Transformation Consulting will pave the way to a rapid and successful transformation, designed around specific business, technology footprint and market situations.

Netcracker currently supports transformation projects for some of the largest multinational communications service providers. Experts develop a phase-by-phase plan for a digital transformation program with maximum value, including definition of  solution architecture and roadmap and implementing a guided go-to-market strategy.

Digital Transformation Consulting Components

Solution architecture design, business justification and an end-to-end solution roadmap ensure alignment between business benefits and service delivery priorities.

Best practices and methodologies from Netcracker professionals provide support for every go-to-market step: from market and offering definition to customer feedback assessment and post-launch optimization.

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