Value Realization Consulting

Achieve desired business outcomes by monitoring KPIs and fine-tuning solution utilization

Value Realization Consulting creates a framework for measuring, benchmarking and improving KPIs; manages the entire development lifecycle; and tracks efficiency improvements.

Drive Your Business to Continuous Improvement and Innovation

A transformation business case must be built on delivering cost savings as well as business benefits. Measurable benefits include increased revenue, reduced churn through superior customer experience and operational cost savings across all business units. Netcracker Value Realization Consulting helps measure these benefits and achieve the strategic financial and operational objectives of transformation programs.

Value Realization Consulting establishes a clear link between solution capabilities and transformation program goals. It provides KPI realization monitoring to track and adapt relevant development processes to ensure continuous improvement and innovation.

Value Realization Consulting Components

Assessment of current business operational efficiency of system utilization and benchmark analysis for further definition of the recommendations required for business optimization and KPI improvement.

Guided transformation program implementation including setting of target KPIs during initial project stages, accurate solution-specific KPI forecasts and factual program KPI monitoring for proactive moves towards changes, post-production solution analysis and further improvement recommendations.