Solution Delivery

Efficient and effective delivery of digital transformation objectives

Best-in-class delivery services align transformation programs with future-proof business outcomes.

Accelerate Solution Delivery with Proven Processes

Netcracker Solution Delivery services are built around proven principles that accelerate complex digital transformations, enabling service providers to adapt quickly to rapidly-changing market conditions. Using Netcracker’s Digital Blueprint methodology, service providers benefit from shorter project times through the use of customer journey, business process and solution design templates—all visualized in a sandbox environment. This allows customers to accelerate the program scoping stage by defining future solution capabilities, mapping those to business outcomes and setting a goal that future-proofs the business.

Netcracker’s Agile best practices bridge the gap between solution delivery teams and business stakeholders, resulting in a more rapid business-oriented delivery. The adherence to a flexible deployment strategy enables a smooth transition to the new solution without interrupting mission-critical business processes.

Solution Delivery Components

Solution scoping using a sandbox approach, with out-of-the-box assets and deviation management procedures.

Solution adaptation and localization of capabilities to cover specific business and technical requirements.

Enablement and assurance of seamless integration between Netcracker solutions and surrounding systems.

Data extraction, transformation, verification and loading into Netcracker solutions.

Quality assessment of implemented solution, integrated systems, performance and enablement of domain-specific testing.

Definition of deployment architecture for Netcracker's solution and specification of hardware and software requirements based on scope and customer requirements.

Support of infrastructure environment setup with further solution installation and execution of production rollout activities.

Delivery of an optimized, customer-specific learning experience to maximize the business value of Netcracker solution usage.

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