Support & Managed Services

Flexible service partnerships for stable solution performance, secure IT operations and optimized business processes

Netcracker Support & Managed Services alleviate the burden of running and supporting complex IT systems and improve business performance.

Ensure Optimal Business Operations and Performance

Netcracker Support & Managed Services are designed to ensure optimal business outcomes while mitigating the risk of maintaining and running complex systems. The offerings enable customers to focus on their core business while entrusting system support and IT operations to a reliable partner with over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of the service provider’s business and operational processes.

Netcracker Support & Managed Services provide partner-based support services through different hosting and commercial models. Reinforced with rigid adherence to modern security standards, Netcracker’s Managed Services offerings open up vast opportunities for customers to conquer new markets while maintaining top-tier service stability. Netcracker has also embraced a robust Agile culture, reinforced with powerful DevOps automation processes and tools that can be used to deliver new functionality, operational enhancements and solution updates in a planned and predictable manner for faster time to delivery.

Support & Managed Services Components

Utilizes geographically distributed resources to provide industry-leading solution support, leveraging upgrades, tuning, monitoring and analytical tools for optimum performance.

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Provides diverse options for customer-specific cloud setup and migration. It leverages monitoring and analysis capabilities to ensure business continuity and scalability and enables cost-effective business processes to drive growth.

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Supplies domain experts for end-to-end management of select business functions and applications.

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