Cloud Operations

Realize the benefits of cloud scale, stability and operations efficiency

Netcracker Cloud Operations enables cloud setup and analytics-driven management to ensure business transition, continuity and scalability.

End-to-End Cloud Evolution Drives Business Growth

Netcracker’s Cloud Operations allows customers to fully embrace the economic and technological benefits of cloud scale and performance and align their cloud solution evolution with long-term strategic goals. Netcracker provides multiple hosting options such as Netcracker’s cloud, public cloud or customer premises-based models. At the core of Netcracker’s Cloud Operations are advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities that support a smooth transition to the cloud and ensure excellence in business and operational continuity.  

Netcracker’s Enterprise Security Framework ensures the integrity of all customer data, using commonly recognized global security standards to enforce rigid data protection practices and minimize the possibility of data exposure. Netcracker’s dedicated security team closely collaborates with the infrastructure team as well as other parties for security management activities, including support of dedicated and isolated environments for confidential data, 24/7 environment monitoring, data anonymization and access management control.

Cloud Operations Components

Guaranteed performance of business applications and hands-on optimization of related processes.

Analysis of performance characteristics using AI-driven capacity utilization planning to anticipate growth.

Detailed planning of an ongoing solution evolution that maps to expected business demands.

Cloud infrastructure setup and maintenance services, including the provision of physical assets such as servers, network and storage.

Application, platform and server monitoring procedures to ensure uninterrupted business continuity.

Safeguarding the integrity of clients’ systems, applications, network and data.

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