Support & Maintenance

Uninterrupted business continuity and unsurpassed service quality

Netcracker Support & Maintenance provides industry-leading support to ensure optimum performance.

Combining Performance Stability With Continuous Solution Evolution

Netcracker Support & Maintenance teams efficiently address service providers’ business and technology needs with continuous solution evolution and support. Netcracker’s extensive analytics-based toolset helps sustain the highest level of system performance, while the Data Monitoring & Analysis engine provides visibility into critical business processes, identifying and resolving issues before they create a negative impact. This proactivity allows Netcracker to stay within committed SLAs and KPIs.

Netcracker support teams can introduce application enhancements leveraging the DevOps methodology and Joint Development best practices, which are designed specifically to encourage collaboration. This process empowers customers to evolve their solutions to meet business goals, enable faster service launches, conquer new markets and gain a competitive edge.

Support & Maintenance Components

A unified point of contact for and storage of incidents and end-user requests to ensure efficient resolution rates.

Maintenance of customer-specific, configured solutions, guaranteeing maximum performance.

Continuous business requirements analysis and functionality development using Agile best practices and an ongoing development cycle.

Round-the-clock maintenance of normal operations, enabling business continuity.

Technical support of product and API functionality.

Advanced operations efficiency with access to the latest features and capabilities.