Cloud Delivery

Rapid Solution Deployment in the Cloud

Netcracker Cloud Delivery provides comprehensive onboarding and integration services for Netcracker’s solutions in a wide range of cloud deployment models.


Netcracker Cloud Delivery includes:

  • Cloud Solution Onboarding – accelerates the deployment of preconfigured Netcracker solutions in any cloud environment.
  • Cloud Solution Integration – facilitates the configuration, integration and business-driven data migration process into the existing CSP environment.

Netcracker manages its cloud partner ecosystem with a pre-integrated microservices architecture and open APIs for straightforward integration with other systems. Netcracker expedites cloud solution deployment with a standards-based pre-configured solution, best practices and proven methodologies, such as Agile and DevOps.

Netcracker Cloud Solution Delivery Approach

Cloud Solution Onboarding

This unique approach uses Netcracker solutions in a preconfigured environment to accelerate solution onboarding in the cloud. Direct cloud access and solution capability training help operators to validate Netcracker solution features and define additional configurations or integrations for improved scalability.

Cloud Solution Integration

This utilizes the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to implement full-scale cloud solutions. Netcracker leverages the best practices and methodologies of Agile and DevOps for iteration-based solution implementation and solution integration with operator environments and business processes. Netcracker also provides data migration, automated testing and production rollout for the new cloud environment.

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