Multi-Cloud Operations

Operational Excellence Across Cloud Deployments

Netcracker Multi-Cloud Operations offer extensive expertise and industry best practices to maximize the value of cloud initiatives.


Netcracker Multi-Cloud Operations help operators at every stage of the cloud migration process and include:

  • Multi-Cloud Hosting – creates a public or private cloud environment that supports Netcracker and third-party solutions.
  • Cloud Security – applies strict security policies across infrastructure, development lifecycles and operations to protect customer data and guarantee regulatory compliance regardless of location.
  • Cloud Center of Excellence – provides customer clouds with cost control, operational predictability, streamlined internal processes, developmental agility and ongoing solution updates.

Multi-Cloud Operations

Multi-Cloud Hosting

Netcracker offers a variety of cloud hosting options, including private clouds from Netcracker and customers as well as public clouds from Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Hybrid cloud support addresses customer business strategy and scalability requirements.

Cloud Security

The Enhanced Security Framework utilizes a broad portfolio of Netcracker security practices to implement fully integrated anonymization of sensitive customer data within development, onboarding and operational processes. These practices include the physical and logical isolation of data environments, continuous monitoring of remote access, control of data sharing, and data anonymization on request. Netcracker also collaborates with third-party cloud providers to support customer compliance with global security standards. Supported security credentials include:

ISO 27001

ISO 22301




Cloud Center of Excellence

The Netcracker Cloud Center of Excellence encourages collaboration between Netcracker and customer teams to drive business value with cloud solutions. It eliminates excessive сloud expenditures with pay-as-you-go business models. Netcracker teams apply advanced analytics and AI capabilities for seamless service quality and operational efficiency.

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