Core Domain Orchestration

Automate core network operations to prepare for 5G service innovation

Netcracker Core Domain Orchestration automates the full lifecycle of resources and services across hybrid 4G and 5G core networks.

Simplify the transition to 5G Core with Netcracker’s Domain Orchestration Approach

Core networks are undergoing a major transformation toward 5G. With a cloud-native 5G core and the adoption of network slicing, CSPs have an opportunity to offer many new, innovative services that were not previously possible, including real-time telematics, mission-critical IoT and interactive AR/VR applications.

However, the transition to 5G creates a complex, hybrid environment. VNFs (including IMS and 5G core) are evolving into CNFs, requiring rapid deployment of more frequent releases and the support of container-based platforms. CSPs are breaking up monopoly core networks into best-of-breed solutions with a broad ecosystem of open vendors. 5G core functions can be distributed to edge compute platforms to increase application performance and may be hosted on CSP or hyperscaler cloud platforms. New functionality for network slicing will be incorporated to enable innovative use cases. These significant evolutions will take time and will require the coexistence of 4G and 5G with PNFs, VNFs, CNFs and multiple infrastructure options.

Netcracker simplifies the coexistence of core network technologies and provides a seamless evolution to full 5G with a domain orchestration approach. Netcracker’s Core Domain Orchestration solution automates the full lifecycle of core services (such as VoLTE), core network slice subnets and network services (VNFs/CNFs) from onboarding and design to deployment, assurance and optimization across a hybrid environment. It achieves this by combining Service Orchestration for the domain and Network Orchestration (VNF/CNF) with critical, real-time Digital OSS functions, including Active Resource Inventory, Configuration Management, Resource Monitoring and Netcracker Advanced Analytics. 

Netcracker Core Domain Orchestration

Facilitate faster integration of multi-vendor core services

The adoption of cloud technology has introduced new entrants into the core network market, and CSPs are eager to adopt a best-of-breed approach. To accelerate efforts, Netcracker has pre-integrated its solution with all major core networking vendors for a variety of technologies, including IMS, EPC and 5G core. Core Domain Orchestration uses open APIs (ETSI, TM Forum and 3GPP) and standard data models (TOSCA and YANG) to simplify multi-vendor integration with the addition of new partners through Netcracker’s Ecosystem Program. Netcracker’s Self-Onboarding and Design Automation toolset fully automates the entire VNF/CNF onboarding process with an intuitive, self-service portal from design to integration, testing and delivery.

Netcracker Core Domain Orchestration expedites the evolution of VNFs, including the 5G core, to CNFs with a common TOSCA data model and Kubernetes artifacts to simplify the deployment of containerized CNFs. DevOps practices accommodate new services and frequent feature upgrades, guaranteeing fast deployment and continuous alignment to business needs.

Offer differentiated services with 5G core and dynamic network slicing

Core Domain Orchestration incorporates the Network Slice Subnet Management Function (NSSMF) as defined by 3GPP. The solution provides a vendor-independent management function with intent-based, model-driven orchestration to automate the lifecycle management of core network slice subnets, including feasibility checks and closed-loop assurance. Core network slices are instantiated on VNFs/CNFs which are dedicated to the slice or shared depending on the policy.

Using Netcracker Service Design, dynamic slice service models are created and incorporate slice attributes, lifecycle dependencies and mappings to maximize network slice subnet automation. CSPs have access to a library of popular, pre-defined use cases.

The solution works seamlessly with Netcracker Cross Domain Service Orchestration and third-party solutions to support end-to-end network slices and digital services from a digital marketplace.

Orchestrate core networks across multicloud environments

CSPs need the flexibility to deploy core services and network slices on any telco or hyperscaler cloud platform to reduce time-to-market and optimize costs. However, the requirements of cloud platforms vary based on the xNF vendor, service requirements and network domain. Netcracker Core Domain Orchestration lets CSPs manage a multicloud strategy from a single pane of glass. The solution unifies VNF/CNF orchestration over any type of public or private cloud platform based on VMs or a container-based environment.

Core Domain Orchestration is a cloud-native solution, and its microservices can run on any Kubernetes-based container platform for additional flexibility. CSPs can choose to host the entire solution or select components on their own telco cloud platforms or any hyperscaler platform. Netcracker has pre-integrated its solution with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Guarantee service quality with continuous assurance and optimization

The rapid evolution of core services will necessitate a new approach to guarantee SLAs. Netcracker Core Domain Orchestration incorporates advanced cognitive analytics and AI/ML to provide advanced monitoring, forecasting and optimization across core network services and network slices. A view of the service and slice levels shows the correlation of network issues with customer QoS to enable appropriate prioritization. Root-cause analysis and a network design without a single point of failure are enabled across a multi-vendor environment.

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