E2E Service Orchestration

Manage dynamic digital services and network slices on a massive scale

Netcracker E2E Service Orchestration automates the full lifecycle of services, applications and network slices across multiple technology and cloud domains.

The Importance of E2E Service Orchestration

To build a successful 5G and digital service business, CSPs need to offer and scale services and slices on demand, continuously optimize the network for SLAs, and resolve problems without impacting services. However, manual operations across network silos can no longer achieve these goals.

Netcracker E2E Service Orchestration enables dynamic digital services by consolidating an E2E view in real time across all technology and cloud domains. A single pane of glass enables automation of all aspects of cross-domain services and network slices from design to deployment, lifecycle management, optimization and assurance.

E2E Service Orchestration incorporates a full suite of microservice and containerized components, including Service/Slice Catalog, Service Inventory, Service Orchestration, Service Quality Management and Service Assurance. It provides an abstraction layer between the northbound BSS layer and southbound domain orchestration solutions, including Open RAN, Business Edge, Transport and Core. Open APIs (TM Forum, 3GPP, MEF LSO APIs) and standard service models facilitate rapid onboarding and integration with third-party systems for faster time to market.

Netcracker E2E Service Orchestration

Maximize Automation with Intent-Based Orchestration

Using service intent to fully automate operations and rapidly adapt to market needs is the clear goal for CSPs. E2E Service Orchestration executes service intent by dynamically composing the workflow based on service models, policy and context and using closed-loop control to automate the entire service and network slice lifecycle across hybrid networks.

Netcracker E2E Service Orchestration creates and executes dynamic service and service slice models with YANG data modeling and recognized industry languages for imperative and declarative policies and scripts. Netcracker has worked with CSPs globally to create an extensive library of service models for popular digital services. The service models maximize automation by completely describing:

  • Service and slice attributes.
  • SLA and QoS parameters.
  • Charging requirements.
  • Topology and capacity dependencies.
  • Lifecycle transition logic.

Maximize Automation with Intent-Based Orchestration

Explore New Business Opportunities with Private 5G Networks and Slicing

5G, cloud and edge technologies will transform many industries, including manufacturing, smart cities, transportation and healthcare. CSPs have an opportunity to diversify into these vertical markets by offering private or shared 5G networks with differentiated network slicing and specialized partner services.

Netcracker E2E Service Orchestration aligns to 3GPP with its Customer Service Management Function (CSMF) and Network Service Management Function (NSMF) for E2E network slicing across private or shared 5G networks. The solution automates E2E network slice provisioning and lifecycle management with policy-based and closed-loop network slice assurance. CSPs can leverage Netcracker’s strong integration ecosystem to rapidly create specialized network slices by adapting generic slice service models with partner services.


Guarantee SLAs with AI-Driven Assurance

Guaranteed quality is essential for the high-performance needs of digital services and network slices. A three-pronged approach can guarantee this quality by leveraging:

  • Proactive analytics to minimize faults in advance.
  • Closed-loop orchestration to scale and heal in real time.
  • Assurance best practices to manage complex incidents.

Netcracker E2E Service Orchestration implements this total experience approach with predictive and preventive AI-driven operations. A single pane of glass controls quality and incident management to provide a comprehensive view of disparate systems. The solution gathers data from events, metrics and telemetry across the network and multiple cloud platforms to perform service-level root cause analysis, impact analysis and closed-loop operations. Insights from service and slice assurance are then used to optimize service models, service policies, forecast mechanisms, service performance and operational processes.

Guarantee SLAs with AI-Driven Assurance

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