Network Domain Orchestration

Bring agility and visibility to your entire transport network

Netcracker Network Domain Orchestration automates traditional and software defined networks across a multilayer and multivendor network environment. 

Netcracker Network Domain Orchestration

Network Domain Orchestration unlocks the potential of your transport network by bringing end-to-end automation across multilayer IP/MPLS, Optical and Microwave networks. With real-time multilayer network discovery and automated service provisioning and assurance, network services such as IP VPNs and IP/Optical trunk provisioning can be performed in a fraction of the time and with considerable OPEX savings.

Removing the Bottlenecks in Today’s Transport Networks

The transport network is the foundation to connect people, devices and objects with the services they need, and yet it is becoming a significant bottleneck for new dynamic digital services. Networks today are highly fragmented with complex, proprietary multivendor interworking and no end-to-end visibility, which results in lengthy and costly provisioning times. Netcracker Network Domain Orchestration removes these bottlenecks by introducing an automation platform that works across all network layers and domains, bringing the agility needed for digital services today and evolving 5G dynamic services. The solution automates all processes surrounding network planning and operations for IP/MPLS, Optical and Microwave networks.

End-to-End Visibility Across All Network Layers and Domains

Netcracker Network Domain Orchestration is completely vendor agnostic and combines intent-based service orchestration for the transport domain together with full FCAPS functionality for fault, configuration, accounting, assurance, performance and security and active inventory for real-time network discovery. It enables automated network domain provisioning, configuration and monitoring of services as well as automated optimal multipath computation with native support for NETCONF/YANG and standard service models. An intuitive user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) provides end-to-end network control and visibility. Network Domain Orchestration is designed for cloud deployment and its cloud-native components are based on a set of microservices with open APIs for independent upgradability, scalability and manageability. With an Agile/DevOps development and delivery model, service providers can deploy services and upgrades faster and with zero downtime.

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