5G Monetization

Unleash the power of 5G monetization

Netcracker 5G Monetization redefines business models, partner collaboration and customer relationships for greater value and seamless 5G evolution.


Mobile operators can harness 5G to redefine and differentiate their voice, text and data services for a superior customer experience.   

Netcracker 5G Monetization delivers cloud-native technology, 3GPP-compliant converged charging, and a rich array of partner management and digital commerce capabilities for efficient monetization of the 5G ecosystem. Mobile operators will be able to offer a wide range of high-value differentiated services across IoT, smart cities, Industry 4.0 and other verticals from the Netcracker Digital Marketplace.

Netcracker 5G Monetization Solution


Discover New Revenue

Netcracker 5G Monetization creates diverse revenue opportunities for B2C, B2B and B2B2X scenarios.

5G services offer a vast pool of network attributes for SLA-based monetization. The Netcracker solution enables charging for B2C services based on any attribute, including device type, latency and throughput, for a wide range of monetization options.

Offering network slice-as-a-service (SlaaS) or private networks to large B2B customers unlocks new revenue growth. Netcracker accelerates and expands that growth by granting CSPs greater flexibility in charging for dynamic slice utilization, on-demand management of slice parameters, and an extensive array of other services.

CSPs also need a broad range of capabilities to monetize partner ecosystems in the 5G era. They can utilize Netcracker to become B2B2X enablers with quick onboarding for any partner type, full support for diverse partnership models, and greater flexibility in multi-partner settlements.

Discover New Revenue

Achieve Seamless 5G

The Netcracker solution for 5G monetization streamlines support of multiple network generations on the same platform with full convergence across all offerings, customer segments and payment models. The Netcracker solution uses a 3GPP-compliant converged charging system (CCS) to support 5G and an online charging system (OCS) to support 4G and previous generations of mobile networks.  This allows support for complex 4G/5G switchover charging scenarios and hybrid services for the same account.

The Netcracker CCS offers standalone 5G monetization with several innovative charging capabilities:

  • Intelligent quota mechanisms for optimized network transactions.
  • Support for dynamic cross-slice charging.
  • Stream-based event aggregation.

Achieve seamless transition to 5G


Optimize TCO

The Netcracker solution for 5G monetization is built on cloud-native applications and managed through Agile DevOps processes. Its cloud-native design provides multi-tenant delivery and keeps software continually optimized and refreshed for rapid monetization without downtime. Blue-green and canary deployments combined with extensive use of innovative technologies for machine learning eliminate operational downtime.

Netcracker has incorporated mature open-source technologies as part of its commitment to openness and standardization. The monetization solution uses TM Forum Open APIs to exhibit its capabilities to customers and partners and improve time to market.

The solution provides native support for multi-cloud operations and is deployable in edge, telco, private and public clouds. Major providers of public cloud services, such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, are also supported.

Optimize TCO


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