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Your One-Stop Shop for Digital Business Services

Netcracker Digital Marketplace enables service providers to offer, manage and monetize digital business services with an exceptional user experience and rapid time to market.


Netcracker Digital Marketplace is an advanced e-commerce solution based on a full digital stack that brings together a front-end shopping portal with back-end partner and revenue management that enables service providers to offer, manage and monetize a full range of digital business services. Service providers can combine their own virtualized, cloud and IoT offerings together with third-party SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and IoT applications to create personalized service bundles that can be delivered to market very quickly. 

The entire solution is cloud native and based on microservices that can be run from on premise and public cloud platforms and supports flexible business models including pay-as-you-grow. The solution can be deployed as a standalone stack with no impact on the traditional business.


Expand Deeper into the B2B Value Chain with Personalized Service Bundles

Netcracker Digital Marketplace enables service providers to rapidly expand their digital service offers with a full range of third-party SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoT and virtualized services that can be bundled into personalized offers available from an intuitive shopping portal. With a unified product catalog, new offers can be set up in minutes with easy-to-configure prices, discounts, offerings and descriptions without the need for IT expertise. Service providers can centrally manage customers, subscriptions, inventory and licenses.



Get Digital Services to Market Faster Even with Complex Ecosystem Partnerships

Expanding the partner ecosystem to enable new digital services will inevitably result in increased complexity related to onboarding, licensing and settlements. Netcracker Digital Marketplace provides an out-of-the box solution with everything required to quickly launch digital services in as little as 8-12 weeks. 

Netcracker has a large global ecosystem of XaaS, virtualized and IoT partners that have already been onboarded, and new partner services can be quickly onboarded automatically. Our Partner Lifecycle Management provides full visibility into every stage of the partner engagement process, removing the complexities and automating many processes. Netcracker Revenue Management performs charging and billing for customers and partners and ensures that partner accountability and settlement can be managed even in complex B2B2X relationships.



Differentiate with a Digital User Experience and Customized Branding

Netcracker Digital Marketplace provides an intuitive shopping portal for customers to browse, purchase, manage and get support for their services with an engaging digital user experience. The shopping portal can be customized for each company with the service provider’s brand, or regional branches and lines of business can use their own brand with its own unique look and feel with access to their own personalized services.

With Netcracker Digital Marketplace, service providers can concurrently offer services to multiple enterprise and SMB companies and multiple lines of business within each company with secure separation among customers. 


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