Marketing and Commerce Cloud

Expand customer lifetime value

Marketing and Commerce Cloud boosts online business, retains current clientele and attracts new customers by leveraging AI and delivering personalized engagement.


Marketing and Commerce Cloud boosts online business with digital, contextual and consistent customer engagement across diverse channels. CSPs can use the solution to coordinate inbound and outbound customer interactions and determine when, where and how to engage with personalized content and channels.

The solution is channel-agnostic and supports:

  • Traditional engagement channels, such as the web, mobile apps, emails, call centers and retail stores.
  • New digital channels, such as social media, messaging apps, AR, voice-enabled assistants and virtual assistants.

Netcracker Marketing and Commerce Cloud

Boost Digital Business

Building an ecosystem of digital services is the key to expanding beyond traditional telecom services. Marketing and Commerce Cloud provides one-stop shopping for the entire digital ecosystem with a personalized shopping and ordering experience for any service.

The solution drives business growth by offering availability across any digital channel for a complete digital journey, including onboarding, ordering, payment, support, upsell and retention.

Leaders in the digital industry have adopted a mobile-first approach to apps for customer engagement. Marketing and Commerce Cloud expands the capabilities of CSP apps to drive greater traffic and deeper engagement with optimized, dynamic and contextually-aware experiences.

Boost Digital Business

Create Unique Experiences

Marketing and Commerce Cloud unifies and synchronizes customer data across multiple channels by constantly maintaining the context of customer engagement. The centralized view keeps CSPs continually informed on customer interactions with other parts of the business and streamlines responses to customer requests.

The solution utilizes knowledge of customers from internal and external sources to create context and tailor messaging, content, offers and interactions to the individual user.

Marketing and Commerce Cloud drives intelligent orchestration of customer engagement by incorporating current and past behavior with rules-based and AI/ML automation. Real-time decisioning identifies the next-best actions to seize an opportunity (e.g. sending offers to increase spending) or avert risk (e.g. churn).

Create Unique Experiences

Drive Campaign ROI

Marketing and Commerce Cloud gives CSPs comprehensive knowledge of their customers through a unique and dynamic profile built with customer, transactional and third-party data. This profile is revised and analyzed in real time to provide continually updated insights, such as device preferences, personal interests, service consumption, usage patterns, billing history and frequency of balance top-ups. Marketers can apply these customer insights and incorporate customer preferences for channels, content and contact times to create optimized and personalized engagement.

CSPs can employ the solution to design and deliver micro-segmented campaigns at scale and across multiple channels.

The advanced analytics of Marketing and Commerce Cloud tracks performance and applies insights for ongoing campaign optimization.

Drive Campaign ROI

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