Netcracker Convergent Charging System

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Netcracker Convergent Charging System allows CSPs to monetize the new revenue opportunities of standalone 5G.


Netcracker Convergent Charging System (CCS) plays a key role in a modern CSP business support environment, bringing numerous capabilities for monetization of the new digital opportunities that standalone 5G offers. The convergent charging engine, an integral part of our Revenue Management suite, which supports complex, end-to-end usage-to-payment business processes, can quickly adapt to any new service, business model or use case, and support complex real-time pricing based on any attributes. 

The system uses an agnostic approach for network technology, telecom and non-telecom products, customer types, business models and any line of business with a single convergent platform.

It is a cloud-native, high-performance and dynamically scalable real-time charging platform that fully conforms to 3GPP architecture and can be seamlessly extended with value-added capabilities to improve the customer experience.

Converged Charging System

Unlock New Opportunities for Network and Service Monetization

CSPs can realize the true value of standalone 5G by unlocking new revenue opportunities for B2C, B2B and B2B2X models, and support a wide range of SLA-based monetization scenarios.

Netcracker CCS enables efficient monetization of 5G use cases with dynamic slice-based charging scenarios and complex cross-slice charging models, including slice-as-a-service, 5G as-a-service and more. It performs complex charging based on a wide range of slice-related parameters (i.e. latency, throughput, mobility, coverage area, activation, deactivation etc.), taking into consideration analytical data about current network performance.

The system also supports charging for API call invocation, enabling CSPs to expose valuable network assets to application developers through open APIs.

Unlock New Opportunities for Network and Service Monetization

Embrace New Industry Verticals With True Convergence

Netcracker CCS delivers multidimensional convergence and provides advanced flexibility in how prices are calculated for any charge type, including both usage-based and non-usage based, for any customer type and network technology. Our solution is open and vendor-agnostic, an important differentiator when operators use multiple 4G/5G core network vendors.

Netcracker CCS supports both traditional telco services such as voice, messaging and data, and emerging digital services including XaaS, IoT and 5G-enabled offerings. It also supports complex multi-partner revenue-sharing models and cross-industry business scenarios for telcos and non-telco verticals (utility, finance, logistics, entertainment, automotive, agriculture smart city, etc.).

Embrace New Industry Verticals With True Convergence

Expand Your Business Footprint With Cloud Flexibility

Netcracker CCS supports distributed deployment to place latency-critical functions, such as online session management and real-time service quotation, in the edge cloud, enabling efficient charging for MEC-enabled services. Other CCS functions, such as centralized balance management, charging management and unified data storage, are located in a public or telco cloud. Both parts are synchronized in real time to ensure consistency of customer account structures, balances, tariff plans, service charges and other customer-related information.

To achieve improved interoperability and openness, and accelerate deployment, Netcracker CCS leverages the latest cloud technologies and open APIs. It helps increase business agility with evergreen methodology, allowing CSPs to always stay up-to-date, be more competitive and remain secure. Our solution can be offered in a SaaS model, which helps eliminate costs related to on-premise hardware.

Our CCS runs on any Kubernetes-compatible cloud (private, public, hybrid), including public clouds from AWS, Google and Microsoft.

Expand Your Business Footprint With Cloud Flexibility

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