Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution

Unlock the full potential of generative AI in telecom

Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution safely delivers valuable telco data and knowledge to any generative AI model to transform customer interactions and increase automation and productivity.

Monetize the Generative AI Value

Generative AI (GenAI) is a revolutionary technology that enables machines to perform creative tasks previously thought to be exclusive to humans. With its extraordinary capability to craft novel content and engage in dynamic human-like interactions, GenAI has the potential to significantly enhance productivity, boost operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction within the telecom industry to unprecedented levels.

GenAI's true value in the telecom industry lies in its ability to harness proprietary telco data to create meaningful use cases. However, this endeavor is not as straightforward as merely training or fine-tuning GenAI models. Much of this data is highly sensitive, and a significant portion of telco data changes in real-time.

To overcome these issues, Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution is positioned at the intersection between GenAI models (large language models (LLMs) and other foundational models), the GenAI users (customers, partners, telecom employees and even systems) and the highly valuable proprietary telco BSS/OSS databases.

Through our extensive knowledge of the telecom business and AI technology innovations, our GenAI Telco Solution securely connects the power of GenAI with telco BSS/OSS data to deliver exceptional value. 

Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution

Our GenAI Telco Platform enriches any generative AI model with real-time telecom data and instructions, protecting sensitive customer data from public models and controlling accuracy and relevancy of generative AI model results.

Through our business-focused GenAI Telco Solutions, CSPs can gain access to ready-made use cases resulting in immediate benefits to all areas of the business.

Educating GenAI Models to Obtain Superior Results

GenAI models are typically unaware of industry specifics, and this is the case for telecom. Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution bridges this gap by educating the GenAI models with specific knowledge and data related to the telco business to elicit very accurate and relevant interactions in a secure manner.  

The solution utilizes Netcracker’s telco-specific knowledge bases and native integration with telco BSS/OSS to create comprehensive and personalized prompts for the GenAI models with all the relevant data, instructions and context to create the best response.

Netcracker educates GenAI models to understand the telecom business faster and better by rationalizing interaction through intent recognition, search, retrieval, reasoning and fine tuning capabilities based on a single solution, thus effectively improving interaction quality and performance, and facilitating GenAI productization the specific telco’s needs.

Educating GenAI Models to Obtain Superior Results

Establishing Robust Security When Interacting With Public GenAI Models

GenAI Trust Gateway is an essential part of the Netcracker Telco GenAI Solution that provides telco-grade security and privacy by separating sensitive customer data from GenAI models and establishing strict data access control.

Our sophisticated data obfuscation techniques protect customer data from leaking to public or third-party cloud services. It detects confidential customer data using machine learning for context recognition and bi-directionally obfuscates the data with fake information. Using this method,  the GenAI model can provide a high quality response in a safe way.

CSPs will also benefit from our privacy experience and best practices, and compliance with regulations such as the GDPR.

Establishing Robust Security When Interacting With Public GenAI Models

Ready-made Solutions to Accelerate the Adoption of GenAI in Telecom

Netcracker goes beyond a platform approach and provides ready-made solutions incorporating high-value use cases across the business.

Each use case invokes out-of-the-box telco assist scenarios incorporating a set of skills, prompts and dynamic access to the required data sources to automate the process of creating a personalized and contextually aware prompt for GenAI. During an interactive session, Netcracker Telco GenAI Solution dynamically chooses the scenario that matches the specific request intent. 

Through pre-integration with Netcracker and third-party party BSS/OSS, use cases can be rapidly deployed and scaled. Telco operational and business data can be accessed in real-time, and vector-based techniques are used to gain fast access to knowledge base data.

Starting from understanding the user’s intent and ending with the final personalized result, Netcracker takes full responsibility for connecting all interaction parties logically and safely. Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution streamlines GenAI best practices with CSP objectives by adopting a solution-centric, intent oriented and data-driven approach with continuous monitoring to optimize the outcomes.

Ready-made Solutions to Accelerate the Adoption of GenAI in Telecom

Unified Approach for Any GenAI Model to Maximize ROI

Netcracker Telco GenAI Solution enables modern telcos to get real value from GenAI with a focus on time-to-value and cost profitability.

Embedded advanced analytics capabilities enable CSPs to choose the models that bring the most benefit to their business by measuring GenAI model performance and comparing it with the costs of using this model.

The solution enables CSPs to mix and match public/private models, aligning to their unique requirements across the business. This unified approach improves coherence between different functions, tools and services within the Telco GenAI Solution, and allows Netcracker to increase the overall performance of processes involved and the desired outcome with minimum time and effort.

Unified Approach for Any GenAI Model to Maximize ROI

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