Revenue Management Cloud

Unlock new revenue streams

Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud is a cloud-native solution for innovative monetization of 5G business models.


Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud benefits service providers by combining the power of the cloud with cloud economics. This solution builds on a cloud-native foundation with a customized design for end-to-end (E2E) automation, multitenancy, on-demand scaling, resiliency, deployment flexibility and modularity.

Netcracker leads the industry in rating and discounting capabilities to support charging for any service, partner or business model, including traditional telco or innovative 5G, IoT and digital services.

Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud also plays a critical role in optimizing service provider TCO with:

  • Rapid configuration for tariffs, price plans and business processes.
  • E2E automation of processes.
  • Transparency in monitoring and troubleshooting.

Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud

Monetize New Business Models

Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud provides a key advantage with its support for advanced business models.

CSPs need a broad partner ecosystem to seize digital opportunities. This solution provides multi-partner settlements, flexible revenue sharing and cross-product discounts to transform CSPs into B2B2X enablers with compelling, targeted services, such as AR, connected cars and smart cities.

Another major feature of the solution is its full set of capabilities for cost-efficient IoT monetization across all verticals, including logistics, smart metering, agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing. Linear solution scalability processes millions of event records daily. Event stream processing reduces the volume of bill processing by a factor of 1,000. Hierarchical account management achieves cost-efficient billing for accounts with millions of SIMs or eSIMs.

Monetize New Business Models

Achieve 5G Monetization

Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud offers efficient 5G monetization with a wide range of capabilities for both consumer and enterprise customers, including B2B and B2B2X opportunities, for growth beyond connectivity. Operators can use diverse criteria, including device type, latency and throughput, to charge for innovative B2C services, such as cloud gaming, holographic video calls and 4K mobile streaming.

Operators offering network slice-as-a-service to large B2B customers in verticals, such as manufacturing, logistics or entertainment, can unlock new revenue growth. New avenues of monetization for operators include charging based on slice utilization or charging enterprises for the ability to independently manage slice parameters.

Service providers can also use Revenue Management Cloud to monetize use cases for Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) by supporting charging requirements for low latency.

Achieve 5G Monetization

Streamline Billing Operations

Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud offers a powerful toolset for comprehensive optimization of monetization systems.

The cloud-native tool unifies the management and automation of billing processes for far greater visibility, intuitiveness and transparency in billing operations. It eliminates the need for special technical skills by simplifying configuration, testing and execution of E2E processes.

The solution provides a user-friendly interface, unified process management, an out-of-the-box executable-task library, E2E transparent monitoring and proactive error detection and troubleshooting. These capabilities lower costs and streamline daily billing operations.

Streamline Billing Operations