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The rise of NetCos and ServCos

In response to new digital market dynamics and an investor preference for focused businesses, many integrated telcos have started to structurally separate the division that operates the network (the NetCo) from the customer-facing entity (the ServCo). The goal is to re-focus the business on either the end customer or infrastructure to increase business agility and efficiency, and in turn multiply their respective value in the market.

To thrive in the highly dynamic digital services market, NetCos and ServCos will need lean and modern business and operational environments to differentiate their offerings and accelerate time-to-value.

Netcracker provides optimized BSS/OSS solutions dedicated to the specific needs of NetCos and ServCos. The cloud-native, multitenant solutions leverage Open APIs, DevOps automation and out-of-the-box components for rapid deployment and cloud agility. Netcracker simplifies the go-to-market for our customers through flexible commercial models, expert consulting, scalable operations, and regulatory compliance. The solutions minimize time, cost and complexity barriers while creating a foundation for growth and digital innovation.

The rise of NetCos and ServCos

NetCos and ServCos Resources

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