Netcracker Cloud BSS for ServCos

Deliver best-in-class customer experience with ecosystem-driven digital services

Netcracker Cloud BSS for ServCos brings business agility, a multi-brand strategy and innovative 5G monetization to accelerate business growth.


As the customer facing entity of the telecom business, the core focus of Service Companies (ServCos) is to deliver differentiated services providing the best experiences to their customers. Finding new ways to monetize customer relationships is crucial. As more nimble entities than integrated telcos, ServCos are free to choose the most appropriate infrastructure partners (NetCos) to satisfy the needs of their customers.

ServCos can unlock the full potential of their customer-focused business with cloud agility, business process automation and innovative business models. They can become digital lifestyle providers by evolving from connectivity services to broader ecosystem-driven digital services.

Netcracker Cloud BSS for ServCos enables the rapid launch of new digital services and creates superior digital customer journeys. It supports automated lead-to-cash business processes, including concept-to-market, lead-to-order, usage-to-payment and problem-to-solution. By leveraging optimized BSS applications that natively run on the cloud, ServCos can take advantage of unprecedented levels of service innovation, while significantly improving TCO. Netcracker’s cloud-native solution utilizes a SaaS commercial model with evergreen upgrades. It is based on mature open source technologies, leverages Open APIs and can be deployed in any cloud environment.

With Netcracker Cloud BSS, ServCos can benefit from faster time-to-value, new business models, and innovative 5G services monetization capabilities.

Netcracker Cloud BSS for ServCos

Deliver Faster Time-to-Value

  • No-code approach enables the creation and modification of features with a seamless UI/UX across all BSS components
  • Standards-based integration approach using TMF Open APIs results in less effort for adding, modifying and supporting end-to-end integrations
  • Agile-oriented development and deployment of innovative features into production

Unlock Opportunities with New Business Models

  • Provides quick onboarding for any partner type, full support for diverse partnership models and greater flexibility in multi-partner settlements
  • Offers BSS-as-a-service to enterprise customers
  • Features multi-branding support for different affiliates or sub-brands

Deliver Innovative 5G Service Monetization

  • Greater flexibility in charging for dynamic slice utilization and on-demand management of slice parameters
  • Ability to charge for any service - from OTTs to home security, health, connected industry, transportation and smart cities
  • Built-in AI capabilities identify data and usage patterns, and follow up with optimized pricing, offerings, and personalized actions

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