Business, Operations & Infrastructure Agility Layers

Enable digital agility with an API ecosystem and extensive integration capabilities.

Leverage multispeed IT architecture, onboard new services quickly and monetize network and BSS/OSS data.


Netcracker's Business, Operations & Infrastructure Agility Layers offer a comprehensive approach to integration and API management. This approach allows us to address integration challenges for business units, IT and partners efficiently without negatively impacting stakeholders. Our Agility Layers are important components of digital transformation because they enable you to monetize services, accelerate time-to-market and increase business agility without sacrificing security, reliability and other operational requirements.

To drive sustainable business growth in the digital economy, you have to match the pace OTT and internet companies have set by fostering collaboration between business and IT. You need to enter new markets, generate new types of revenue from your existing customers and assets and deliver customized services that provide more value to your customers.

Adopting a multispeed IT architecture can help you accelerate key processes. By leveraging APIs efficiently, you can engage in new business models through partner enablement.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Help business units to drive change without impacting IT operations.
  • Increase competitiveness and meet market demand through accelerated application deployment.
  • Bring new services to market faster with rapid partner onboarding and integration.
  • Introduce new business models through network and BSS/OSS data monetization.
  • Bring diverse, third-party cloud and virtualized services to market and leverage IoT initatives that integrate with diverse device and application ecosystems.

Business, Operations & Infrastructure Agility Layers comprise the following modules:

Business Agility Layer

Enable abstraction and flexible integration between customer engagement layers and core BSS to empower business changes.

Operational Agility Layer

Easily integrate BSS and OSS applications through standards-based APIs and integration adapters.

Infrastructure Agility Layer

Access integration tools and libraries to quickly onboard new network and infrastructure services.

Netcracker 12 Business, Operations and Infrastructure Agility Layers
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