Cloud Platform

Drive business performance and agility with a next-gen cloud platform.

Leverage microservices-based architecture to enable a DevOps approach and increase business efficiency.


Netcracker's Cloud Platform is microservices-based, cloud native and can be deployed in private, public or hybrid cloud environments. It unifies capabilities such as an omnichannel user interface, rich monitoring and reporting capabilities and flexible administration tools.

Our Cloud Platform can be deployed incrementally leveraging a DevOps approach to accelerate time-to-market. It reduces operational expenses with multitenancy and elastic platform scalability. It creates a strong foundation for building IT ecosystems. And all Netcracker solutions are equipped with our best-in-class security features to keep your customer, service, operations and network data secure.

You need to evolve processes and technology in order to respond to aggressive new competition. In the new digital economy, you must operate with scalability and flexibility, both of which are mandatory to leveraging a cloud services environment.

Decades-old BSS and OSS that are not scalable and too complex to operate further impede competitiveness. With large-scale transformations carrying substantial risk, service providers now often look to start small and scale up.

Migrating to the cloud has become a necessary step to enable next-generation business and operations through enhanced flexibility, security, reliability and scalability. This migration will put you on a path away from monolithic architectures and toward a PaaS-based microservices approach for applications, which requires extreme business agility.

This shift enables teams to adopt a DevOps approach and deliver more modular systems. Adopting the cloud perspective for IT infrastructure means that IT organizations can run their resources as if they were in the cloud. The result will be accelerated time-to-market for new digital services as well as incremental systems deployment based on your specific business needs.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Reduce TCO with optimized deployment models.
  • Leverage elastic scaling for dynamic resource management during peak and off-peak periods.
  • Accelerate time-to-market by deploying services independently and quickly with containers and a continuous delivery model.
  • Enable close collaboration between business and IT.
  • De-risk IT projects with a DevOps approach that accomoodates rapid changes in business requirements.

Cloud Platform comprises the following modules:

Unified Platform Capabilities

Manage all applications in a unified manner with a highly configurable and intuitive UI across desktop and mobile clients.

Cloud Management

Manage and scale your microservices-based applications through a PaaS model.

Netcracker 12 Cloud Platform
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