Digital Business Enablement

Transform legacy environments into digital ecosystems using innovative approaches.

Enable unified next-gen capabilities for a consistent and personalized digital journey.


The Netcracker Digital Business Enablement layer delivers unique capabilities designed to overcome key challenges on the path to digital transformation. It delivers maximum flexibility in transforming legacy IT environments into centralized, cost-efficient, highly automated, digitally enabled customer- and partner-centric ecosystems.

Our Digital Business Enablement layer ensures highly personalized customer interactions along with online partner engagement and centralized management of traditional and next-gen digital products.

With our Digital Business Enablement layer, you can provide accurate billing and charging for trillions of transactions. These capabilities are critical to efficiently monetizing digital business models.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Optimize siloed legacy infrastructure and reduce costs with a fully converged, cloud- and virtualization-ready, digitally enabled platform.
  • Enable new business models and multiparty relationships across multiple channels, products and customer segments through an open, digital partner ecosystem.
  • Quickly introduce innovative digital offerings and converged service bundles through a highly automated, centralized product catalog.
  • Ensure consistent digital journeys via personalized real-time interactions and attractive product offerings that combine a service provider's native and next-gen digital services 

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